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Hurst Medical Clinic

Our Present To Future

The Hurst Medical Clinic was established in December 2021. Born from a vision from its founder, who felt the need for the nearby community to have a place where they could receive affordable and proper medical treatment servicing the entire family.

Services We Provide

HMC provides excellent care for all of it’s patients. Here are just a few of the services we proudly provide with excellence.

Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

Your exams are performed by well-trained associates in a secure laboratory that was designed specifically for your needs.


Walk in today & get high-quality results with great customer service. Techs await to provide you with the services you need.



If your doctor has ordered you to get an ultrasound, we are your ideal location for service. We have trained staff ready to serve.



Our commitment to improve your analysis & give accurate diagnosis & cardiology data management is key. Let us serve you, today.


Staying connected to your healthcare provider is a key to maintaining a healthy living. Having a relationship with your doctor helps prevent any issues that may occur as time goes by. Connect with our doctors today and begin to talk about your health and your priorities.
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In case of emergency or
life threatening illness,

Call 911

If you can visit your local ER.